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new album

Live at the Tomlinson Block

It’s been a while, but I have some great news!

While you’re waiting for the new album, “Complexity in Simplicity”, I’m very proud to finally unleash the “Live at the Tomlinson Block” Video EP.

Over the course of two days this past July, we assembled a crew that transformed one of the empty spaces inside the Tomlinson building in downtown Port Arthur into an intimate concert setting. 20 fans and friends gathered in the very warm space for several hours while I poured my heart (and sweat) out on film. Since my live show now has so much more crowd participation, I found it only fitting that I share these new songs in a way that allows you to experience it like they did. All four of these tunes are going to be on the new album (out in March!), but here you get a taste of what my one-man-show is all about. Plus, now you can learn the words to sing along the next time you see me play!






CREDITS (alphabetical order)

A huge thank you to Amy DeCorte, Chris Dorota, Curtis Jensen, Dave Angell, Matt Popowich, Michael Kee, Sarah Furlotte, Scott MacKay, Shannon Lepere, Steven Johnson and Tyler Sklazeski for their help as part of the crew that made this crazy shoot a reality.

Special thanks to Amy DeCorte, Apple Wagon Films, Armelle Sandford, David Zahodnic, Debby Jensen, Dennis Wood of Cinevate, De Roover family, Devin & Katie Pickett, Michael Kee, NineSixty, Laurie DeCorte, Per Lundstrom, Phil Walkden, Rachel Vandenassem, Sarah Furlotte, Shannon Lepere, The Walleye, Tyler Sklazeski and Westfort Films for all their assistance.

An additional thanks to the audience members that suffered through the hot temperatures and lack of air conditioning: Alex Maclean, Armelle Sandford, Carla Collier, Cassandra Specht, Chris Lamont, Dan Robere, David Hotson, Hannele Kormano, Jess Hochins, Jimmy Breslin, Jordan Lester, Lisa Kushnier, Lisa Monteith, Luke Blair, Max Paterson, Rachel Vandenassem, Randy Monteith, Rebekah Skochinski and Tyler Sklazeski.

Indiegogo Campaign

“Complexity in Simplicity” is nearing completion! We’ve got a couple of steps left, but in the meantime, I started a campaign through Indiegogo to raise the last bit of money needed to complete everything.

Click here to see the campaign, and learn more about the new album, where your money is going, and what you get in return! Some of the perks make nice Xmas presents too! 😉

Making of “Complexity in Simplicity” Videos

So this past September, I pulled off something crazy. I recorded a full length album at Dining Room Studios in Thunder Bay in less than 2 weeks, between two big tours (one of Eastern Canada, the other of Western Canada/US). Not only was I performing for the bulk of the time, I also had some gigs during that 2 week stint, on top of planning a surprise birthday party for Shannon’s 30th! It was intense to say the least. Thank goodness Ben Leggett was at the helm.

Shannon and I both had cameras and phones running from time to time, so here are some videos showing the ‘making of’ of the new album, titled Complexity in Simplicity.

*Note, the songs you hear in the videos are my demo versions from the summer. The finished songs are still being mixed – you’ll hear them soon enough!

Nick Sherman – “Drag Your Words Through” CD Release show

It’s been all over my facebook and twitter pages throughout the past year pretty much, but I’ve been producing a full length album for my good friend Nick Sherman, called ‘Drag Your Words Through’.

Album cover

The album has been completed, and the band is all rehearsed (I finally get to play electric guitar again!), and the release party is this upcoming Friday, January 20th. We’re all stoked about the way that the album came together, with tons of guest performers playing everything from pots and pans to accordions, banjos, and horns.

Check out the poster, and if you’re in Thunder Bay, make sure you drop by the BPP this Friday. If not, ‘like’ Nick on Facebook and he’ll keep you updated on where his CD will be available from. Click through for the TBshows listing.

Nick Sherman CD Release Show

Have a listen to track 9, “Winterdark” – also the heaviest song on the disc!