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Wet Hot Canadian Summer – Canada/US Tour announcement

Wet Hot Canadian Summer - DATES 11x17



De Roover announces “Wet Hot Canadian Summer” – Canada/US Tour Dates

June 9th, 2015

“The mad scientist of the Thunder Bay music scene” [Exclaim! magazine] is heading back out on the road, taking his music beyond the southern border…again.

After touring North America for most of the Fall of 2014, De Roover still wants more. Starting with a tour kickoff at the Black Pirates Pub in Thunder Bay, ON on June 17th, De Roover will make stops around the southern side of the Great Lakes before entering southern Ontario for a string of shows and a performance at the first Musiikki Festival in Kingston, ON, speeding westward to California for a week and the Carnevale festival in Weed, CA. Afterwards he’ll head North for several stops in British Columbia including Summer Sounds festival in Cranbrook, BC, before returning to Thunder Bay in time to perform at Buskers Festival on June 26th. August will also see De Roover performing at more festivals in Northern Ontario including Summer in the Parks in Thunder Bay, as well as Tumblestone in Lappe.

This summer will continue to see De Roover performing solo, but adding to his existing live looping arsenal by incorporating elements from the newest album through samples as he performs at various types of venues with material that is sure to impress, whatever the setting.

De Roover’s professional career has seen him spending less time on the road. After working on a film score for an IMAX documentary over the Fall and Winter of 2013/2014, De Roover temporarily relocated to Toronto to work with the team at Coalition Music, known for their commitment to artist development and education (as well as managing Our Lady Peace and Simple Plan to name a few). His personal life has also seen changes, having bought a house promptly after returning from Southern Ontario and getting married to Shannon Lepere, his partner of almost 7 years.

Despite taking these considerable personal and professional strides this year, De Roover is excited to go back to the drawing board for some new recording projects. But before that happens, he’s heading out for a string of summer shows and festivals across North America.

Born in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada, De Roover was raised overseas in Africa, Asia and South America before returning to Canada in 2001. Since starting his career as a solo artist in 2007 he has had opportunities to perform at big festivals like Canadian Music Week, NXNE, as well as share stages with artists like the Beach Boys, Goo Goo Dolls, Beardyman and many, many more.

For more information on Jean-Paul De Roover or tour dates please visit www.jeanpaulderoover.com


**Dates have been updated as of 07/01

06/17 – Thunder Bay, ON – Black Pirates Pub
06/18 – POSTPONED – Duluth, MN – Red Star
06/20 – POSTPONED – Mason City, IA – Coffee Cat (early)
06/20 – POSTPONED – Spirit Lake, IA – Okoboji Brewery (late)
06/23 – POSTPONED – Windsor, ON – Phog Lounge
06/24 – POSTPONED – Toronto, ON – The Painted Lady [Jazz Fest] *
06/25 – POSTPONED – Ottawa, ON – The Rainbow Bistro
06/26 – POSTPONED – Kingston, ON – Musiikki Café [Musiikki Festival] *
06/28 – POSTPONED – Grand Rapids, MI – Mulligan’s: Otherside
07/03 – Boise, ID – House Concert
07/04 – Oakland, CA – The Stork Club
07/05 – Santa Cruz, CA – Streetlight Records
07/07 – Monterey, CA – Old Market Place
07/07 – Monterey, CA – Bear and Bull
07/08 – Long Beach, CA – DiPiazza’s
07/09 – Livermore, CA – Tap 25
07/10 – Dunsmuir, CA – Dunsmuir Brewery
07/10 – Mt Shasta, CA – Shasta Inn
07/11 – Weed, CA – Carnevale *
07/15 – Squamish, BC – The Nest Restaurant
07/16 – Vancouver, BC – House Concert
07/17 – Kamloops, BC – The Dirty Jersey
07/18 – Cranbrook, BC – Summer Sounds *
07/18 – Nelson, BC – Cafe Momento
07/19 – Fernie, BC – Infinitea T-Bar
07/23 – Edmonton, AB – Brixx
07/24 – Saskatoon, SK – The Underground
07/25 – Winnipeg, MB – Le Garage Café
07/26 – Thunder Bay, ON – Valley Fresh Busker Fest *
08/14 – Thunder Bay, ON – Red Lion Smokehouse
08/19 – Thunder Bay, ON – Summer in the Parks *
08/27 – Minneapolis, MN – Acadia Café
08/28 – Duluth, MN – Beaner’s Coffee
08/29 – Lappe, ON – Tumblestone *
09/16 – Thunder Bay, ON – Music for the Masses *
09/26 – North Bay, ON – Little Festival in the Woods *

* Festival performance

Full tour dates and more info here.

RSVP to the tour on Facebook.


Want to hear the last album in it’s entirety? Listen to “Complexity in Simplicity” from front to back on YouTube:

Fall US Tour in photos

Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I figured I’d share some of the photos that Shannon Lepere took while with me on the last US tour, as well as some of my iPhone “photography”. This includes the trek from Thunder Bay to Victoria, BC, then south to Santa Cruz, CA, back up to Portland, OR, then east to Duluth, MN before coming back home. Of course you can always look through my instagram (@jeanpaulderoover) feed to find some other random gems.

Scroll towards the end for some shots from the Y2KX+2 International Live Looping Festival in Santa Cruz, CA.

A big thank you to everyone I met on this leg of the tour, and the random friends we made while you let us sleep on your floors. Cheers, until we meet again in the Fall!


Live at the CB Booking Fest in Victoria, BC (Lindsey Blaine)

Greg Rekus representing Canada in Napa, CA

Live at the ArtLab in Fort Collins, CO (Shannon Lepere)

Live at Side Door Lounge in Omaha, NE (Shannon Lepere)

Alicia of The Love Technicians at the Side Door Lounge in Omaha, NE (Shannon Lepere)

Live at the NorthWest LoopFest in Portland, OR (Shannon Lepere)

Live at the NorthWest LoopFest in Portland, OR (Shannon Lepere)

Live at The Greater Good in Sonora, CA (Shannon Lepere)

Jumping near Big Sur, CA (Shannon Lepere)

Shannon jumping near Big Sur, CA

Admiring the view near Big Sur, CA (Shannon Lepere)

Watching over the shore near Wolf Point, CA

Live at Tycoon’s in Duluth, MN (Shannon Lepere)

Jellyfish display in the Monterey Aquarium, CA (Shannon Lepere)

Belated birthday dinner in San Francisco



With over 55 artists from 7 different countries, I certainly felt at home and in my element performing at this festival for the first time.

Jean-Paul De Roover (Canada)

Stanosaur (US) – didn’t actually use a looping device, but had three separate amps that created feedback loops. Had to leave the building it was so loud!

Whoolilicious (US) – think Cuban/Latin dance music with a looper and a live drummer

Bill Walker (US) & Mandoman (Japan) – a definite highlight! Bill plays guitar and Mandoman plays mandolin, but Mandoman built both instruments, so this was the first time that these two ‘brother’ instruments performed together!

Krispen Hartung & Aaron Davis (US) – Krispen runs the improvised music festival in Boise, ID, but this was live looping dance music to the extreme.

Laurie Amat & Rick Walker (US) – Rick runs the whole festival every year, so for the final performance he and Laurie did an experimental performance, incorporating not one but two vibrators (used musically) into the performance!


Welcome to the Machine

Brief update from the road – I’m touring all over the US at the moment, playing some neat intimate shows, festivals, and much more! If you haven’t caught me on this leg of the tour, there’s more coming up, just check out the Tour page. But in the meantime, please check out this cover of Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine” that I did at The Study this past September. Thanks to The Walleye for capturing it on video!

US Tour

Phew! Things have been crazy lately. Toured eastern Canada with The Jon Cohen Experimental, then rocketed back to TBay to start recording my new album, then the day after that I started heading west for a couple of Canadian dates, and as of last night, I’m in the US!

Here are all the dates. More info can be found on the Tour page.

10/08 – Seattle, WA @ Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre – w/Zack Stokes & THAW
10/09 – Portland, OR @ Camellia Lounge – w/Kyrstyn Pixton
10/10 – Dunsmuir, CA @ Dunsmuir Brewery Works – w/Greg Rekus
10/11 – Napa, CA @ House Concert – w/Greg Rekus
10/13 – Sacramento, CA @ ZuhG Life (early)
10/13 – Sacramento, CA @ Shine (late) – Shine Bat Festival
10/14 – San Francisco, CA @ 50 Mason Social House – w/The Y Axes & Black Cobra Vipers
10/17 – San Jose, CA @ Anno Domini Gallery – Best of Y2KX+2 International Live Looping Festival
10/19 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Pearl Alley Studios – Y2KX+2 International Live Looping Festival
10/20 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Pearl Alley Studios – Y2KX+2 International Live Looping Festival
10/21 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Pearl Alley Studios – Y2KX+2 International Live Looping Festival
10/24 – Sonora, CA @ The Greater Good – w/Grass is Green
10/29 – Fort Follins, CO @ Art Lab – w/Shatterproof & The Sketch Artists
10/30 – Lincoln, NE @ Cultiva – w/Amy Schmidt & The Addis Browne Band
10/30 – Omaha, NE @ Side Door Lounge – w/Zach Short/Ally Rhodes & Love Technicians

More photos and videos from the recording sessions coming shortly!

US Odyssey Part 10: Mt Shasta

Where is Mt Shasta, exactly? It’s in Northern California, and while we thought the weather would be comparable to southern California, Jesus, were we in for a shock. That day, 10 ft of snow had landed upon the mountain. Yep. 10 feet. Seriously, what’s the deal with this trip and adverse weather conditions? I was supposed to play a snowboard festival ‘Rail Jam’ but 10 feet was too much even for the ski hill. They moved the show indoors and switched the Rail Jam to the following week so I still had a gig, but nothing to watch while it happened!

Ryan Marchand in The Lottery - photo by Shannon Lepere (www.shannonlepere.com)

Regardless, both Shannon and I were there to visit with our old TBay friend Ryan Marchand, who now plays in an awesome band called The Lottery. We shared a few shows together during our Shasta visit, and it was cool to start to get to really know a town for once, instead of only staying somewhere for a few hours.

photo by Shannon Lepere (www.shannonlepere.com)

After the ski hill show, we played at the Legion, which blew my mind as it would take me about 7 minutes to get across to the other side of the bar simply because of how busy it was. It was a ‘moustache’ party, and they were also giving away free hot dogs all night, so it was a popular spot! After playing my set, I joined The Lottery on stage and did some improv vocalizations on top of their set.

Billy Corgan and Djin Aquarian - photo by Carl Johnson

We crashed at the place where Ryan was living, and met his housemate, Djin. Djin is important for three reasons; he was in an underground (yet influential) psychedelic band in the 70’s, he’s quite good friends with Billy Corgan (yes, that Billy Corgan), and he introduced me to White Flower, a strong chinese herbal essential oil that helps clear your sinuses in a ridiculously effective way.