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Caution Girl

I’ve been holding on to this cover/medley for a while. In fact, it’s been several years since I first did a version of it live and finally was able to get the recorded version to a point that I felt comfortable sharing.

Coleman Hell (originally from Thunder Bay) has been killing it internationally for the past few months, and will surely go farther than that. While you’ve heard his hit “2 Heads”, did you ever hear one of his earlier albums, “Stark Raving”? It was great, and his song “Call Girl”, produced in part by two older friends of mine Rob Benvegnu (La+tch) and Michah Dowbak (DJ Dstbstr) was my favourite cut off the album. After listening to it, I couldn’t help but think that it would blend really well with the song “Cautioners” from the Jimmy Eat World album “Bleed American”. Growing up listening to a lot of emo, rock, pop and other music, Jimmy Eat World was a huge inspiration and I still find myself listening to those albums today.

So please, enjoy my version of two songs that I thought fit very well together; “Call Girl” and “Cautioners”. Did you know I can rap? Me neither.


Performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Jean-Paul De Roover


Check out the original songs/artists here:

“Call Girl” by Coleman Hell

“Cautioners” by Jimmy Eat World

Surrender (Daniel Johns cover/remix)

Silverchair was a huge band for me growing up. Seriously, I remember listening to Freak Show at my grandparents’ house using a cassette converter for an 8 track player. I was a teenager, and Daniel Johns spoke to my various mood swings. I then found Frogstomp, but followed everything they came up with after that. I remember when Diorama came out. I was in Grade 10 or 11, and I heard harpsichord on the first song. I said “F— this” and took off my friends’ headphones. I didn’t give that album another try until years later, and WOW. I had missed out on some great, beautiful and creative music. I loved that they were reinventing themselves, even so much as by releasing a Greatest Hits Vol 1, to really drive the point home that an era had ended. Young Modern came out, and was even more different, and I ate it up.

While Silverchair gets the credit – the real force behind them is Daniel Johns. For years I’ve found Daniel’s voice to be incredible, and used it as a yardstick for my own singing abilities. Even his visual persona helped inspire part of my new look.

Daniel Johns - vest  Promo2013_WEB-52 - a

When I heard that Daniel Johns had a new EP out (his first new recorded music in 8 years), I got excited. The “Aerial Love” EP is VERY different. It had a polarizing effect on Silverchair fans. It even took me a few listens to get the full nuance, but again – WOW. Once I got it, it’s been stuck in my head for the past few days. For this reason, I felt I had to do a cover of my favourite song “Surrender”, as a tribute and thank you to someone that’s inspired me since I was 12 and continues to do so now that I’m almost 30.

Here’s my version:

Daniel John’s original version:

You can buy the new “Aerial Love” EP here.

Welcome to the Machine

Brief update from the road – I’m touring all over the US at the moment, playing some neat intimate shows, festivals, and much more! If you haven’t caught me on this leg of the tour, there’s more coming up, just check out the Tour page. But in the meantime, please check out this cover of Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine” that I did at The Study this past September. Thanks to The Walleye for capturing it on video!

Live videos from Toronto

Here’s some footage from my last show in Toronto at the Magpie. If you’ve ever been there, then you know the lighting is quite poor! However, Mike Kee of Kee Frame Productions was able to capture two of the songs, so here they are!

Cadillac – my a cappella, swing version of Danko Joneshit song

Blue – a new(er) original song

You can also check out Mike’s video reel here: